Baby Boy Muslim Names – A

We have 421 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - A category.

Name Meaning Gender
AabanName Of The Angel. Boy
AadilJust, Upright. Boy
AafiyaGood Health. Boy
AahilPrince. Boy
AalamWorld. Boy
AaleeSublime, High. Boy
AalifCompassionate. Affectionate Boy
AalimReligious Scholar. Boy
AamilDoer, Work Man. Boy
AamirCivilised. Boy
AamirahInhabitant Boy
AaqibFollower. Boy
AaqilIntelligent. Boy
AarifKnowing, Aware. Boy
AarizRespectable Man. Boy
AashifBold, Courageous. Boy
AashirLiving. Boy
AasifAn Able Minister. Boy
AasimPerson Who Keeps Away From Sins. Boy
AatifKind Affectionate. Boy
AazimDetermined. Boy
AbaanOld Arabic Name Boy
AbanOld Arabic Name Boy
AbbasDescription Of A Lion Boy
AbbudWorshipper Boy
AbbudinWorshippers Boy
Abd Al-alaSlave Of The High. Boy
Abdul AaleeServant Of The Most High. Boy
Abdul AdlServant Of The Just Boy
Abdul AfuwSlave Of The One Who Pardons. Boy
Abdul AhadServant Of The One Boy
Abdul AleemServant Of The Omniscient. Boy
Abdul AliSlave Of The High One. Boy
Abdul AlimServant Of The Omniscient Boy
Abdul AliyyServant Of The Most High Boy

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