Baby Boy Muslim Names – F

We have 79 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - F category.

Name Meaning Gender
FaakhirProud, Excellent Boy
FaazVictorius, Successful. Boy
FadiRedeemer Boy
FadilGenerous, Honorable, Superior Boy
FadlFavor, Surplus Boy
Fadl AllahFavor Of Allah Boy
FaeqSurpassing, Excellent. Boy
FahadLynx, Wild Cat. Boy
FahdLynx. Boy
Fahd, FahadLeopard, Lynx Boy
FaheemIntelligent. Boy
FahmiUnderstanding Boy
FahyimVery Clever. Boy
FaiqSuperior, Ascendant, Outstanding. Boy
FaisalStrong, Handsome. Boy
Faisal, FaysalDecisive Boy
FaizWinner Boy
FaizaanGrace, Favour. Boy
FaizanRuler. Boy
FajaruddinThe First. Boy
FakeehCheerful. Boy
FakhirProud, Excellent Boy
FakhrPride, Something To Feel Proud About. Boy
Fakhr Al DinPride Of The Faith Boy
FakhriHonorary, Glorious, Proud. Boy
Fakhri, FakhryHonorary Boy
FakihLegal Expert; One Who Recites The Quran Boy
FalahSuccess Boy
FalihSuccessful Boy
FaqeehJurist, Scholar Of Religious Laws. Boy
FarafisaName Of A Companion, Bin Umayr Al-hanafi. Boy
FarajThere Have Been Men With This Name. Boy
Faraj, FarrajRelief, Freedom From Grief Boy
FarasatPerception, Sagacity. Boy
FarazAscent, Height. Boy

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