Baby Boy Muslim Names – I

We have 68 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - I category.

Name Meaning Gender
IbrahimFather Of A Multitude; A Prophets Name (abraham) Boy
IdFeast, Festival Boy
IdrisA Prophets Name Boy
IhabLeather. Boy
IhsanKindness, Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman Boy
IhtiramHonour, Hold In Honour. Boy
IhtishamModesty, Decency Boy
IhtshamStrength. Boy
IjliThis Was The Name Of The Makes Of Astrolabes. Boy
IkrimahOld Arabic Name Boy
IlanGood Person. Boy
IliasA Prophets Name (elijah) Boy
IlifatFriendship, Kindness, Obligation. Boy
IlyasA Prophet's Name. Boy
ImaadPillar Of Strength, Confident. Boy
ImadSupport, Pillar, Confidence. Boy
Imad Al DinPillar Of The Faith Boy
Imad, ImadSupport, Pillar Boy
ImamLeader (of Prayer Or Community) Boy
ImranA Prophet's Name. Boy
Imran, ImranLong Lived; A Prophets Name Boy
ImtiazDifferent, Antique. Boy
ImtiyazMark Of Distinction Or Excellence Boy
InaamReward, Favour, Prize. Boy
InamAct Of Benefaction, Bestowal Boy
InayatBounty, Kindness, Favour. Boy
IntajKing, Magnificent. Boy
IntikhabSelection, Choice. Boy
IntizarWait. Boy
IqbalProsperity, Good Fortune Boy
IqraamTo Be Of Assistance, Respect. Boy
IqritA Man Of Early Islam About Whom Amusing Tales Are Told. Boy
IqtidarPower, Office, Authority. Boy
IrfanGratefulness. Boy
Irfan, IrfanThankfulness Boy

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