Baby Boy Muslim Names – J

We have 63 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - J category.

Name Meaning Gender
JaanLife, Soul. Boy
JabalahMountain, Hill Boy
Jabbar, JabrMighty, Brave Boy
JabirConsoler, Comforter Boy
JabrCompulsion Name Of A Companion. Boy
JadCurly, Frizzled. Boy
Jad AllahGift Of God Boy
JafarRivulet, Stream. Boy
Jafar, JafarRivulet, Little Creek Boy
JahangirA Moghul Emperor Had This Name. Boy
JahanzebBeautiful Boy
JahdamiAn Authority For Hadith Had This Name. Boy
JahdariAn Authority Of Quran Had This Name. Boy
JahizOgle-eyed. Boy
JahmSullen. Boy
JalResolution, Firm Will Boy
JalalGlory Boy
Jalal Al DinGlory Of The Faith Boy
JaleesCompanion, Friend, Person With Whom One Sits. Boy
JalilGreat, Revered. Boy
Jalil, JaleelGreat, Revered Boy
JamalBeauty Boy
Jamal Al DinBeauty Of The Faith Boy
JamilBeautiful, Lovely. Boy
Jamil, JameelBeautiful Boy
JaraahSurgeon; Name Of Tabaree. Boy
JareerCorpulent. Boy
JariPowerful, Brave. Boy
JarirOne Who Can Pull; Name Of A Famous Arab Poet Boy
JariyahName Of A Ashb-as-suffa. Boy
JaroodName Of A Companion Of The Prophet (s.a.w). Boy
JasimGreat, Big, Huge Boy
Jasim.Powerful, Strong. Boy
JasmirStrong. Boy
JaulChoice Boy

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