Baby Boy Muslim Names – M

We have 253 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - M category.

Name Meaning Gender
Khairul AnwarGood Light Boy
Khairul HarisinThe Best Guard Boy
Khairul IkhwanGood Friendship Boy
Khairul JamalThe Best Of Beauty Boy
Khairul UmamThe Best Ummah Boy
Khairul ZamanThe Best Time Boy
KhairullahGoodness From Allah Boy
Khairun NasThe Best Of Human Boy
KhalishSincere Boy
MaazBrave Man. Boy
MabadA Place Of Worship. Boy
MadOld Arabic Name Boy
MadaniUrban, Civilized, Modern Boy
MahadGreat, Nice. Boy
MahazThe Place Of War. Boy
MahbeerBrave. Boy
MahbubBeloved, Dear Boy
MahdThe Guided One. Boy
MahdiGuided To The Right Path Boy
MaheenFine Or Thin Texture, Feeble Voice, Like The Moon. Boy
MaherSkilled. Boy
MahfuzSafe, Protected By God Boy
MahirSkilled Boy
MahjaPlace To Sleep, Quarters, Lodgings. Boy
MahjubConcealed, Veiled Boy
MahmudThe Praised One, Commendable. Boy
Mahmud, MahmoudThe Praised One; Variation Of The Name Muhammad Boy
MahrusProtected (by God) Boy
Maimun, MaymunLucky Boy
MajdGlory Boy
Majd Al DinGlory Of The Faith Boy
MajdiGlorious, Praiseworthy. Boy
MajdyGlorious Boy
MajidGlorious Boy
MakhdoomOne Who Is Served. Boy

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