Baby Boy Muslim Names – R

We have 93 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - R category.

Name Meaning Gender
RaahilPath Guider. Boy
RaashidMajor, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent. Boy
RabahGainer, Winner Boy
RabarA Loving And Caring Person To All. Boy
RabbaniDivine. Boy
RabeeSpring. Boy
RabiSpring, Breeze Boy
RabiahGreenery. Boy
RabitBinding, Fastening. Boy
Rabi'Spring, Breeze. Boy
RadiSatisfied, Content Boy
RaeesRich, Wealthy, Chief. Boy
RafanBeautiful, Graceful. Boy
RafayThe Exaulter, To Elevate Rank Boy
RafeeHigh, High-ranking, Cultured, Refined. Boy
RafeekFriend. Boy
RafiExalting Boy
RafidSupport Boy
RafiqKind, Friend Boy
RaghibDesiring, Willing. Boy
Raghib, RaghebDesirous, Willing Boy
RaghidPleasant Boy
RahatRest, Response. Boy
RaheelOne Who Shows The Way, Fearless Or Brave. Boy
RaheeshLeader, Chief, Rich. Boy
RahilPath Guider. Boy
RahimMerciful Boy
RahmanCompassionate, Merciful; Referring To Qualities Of God Listed In The Quran Boy
RahmatMercy. Boy
RaidLeader Boy
RaifMerciful, Gentle Boy
RaihanHeavens' Flower. Boy
RaisCaptain Boy
RajaHope Boy
RajaaHope. Boy

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