Baby Boy Muslim Names – Y

We have 25 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - Y category.

Name Meaning Gender
YafiA Narrator Of Hadith. Boy
YaghnamA Narrator Of Hadith. Boy
YahyaA Prophets Name (john) Boy
YamanGood Tidings Boy
YameenOath, Right Hand, Right Wing (of The Army). Boy
YaqeenBelief. Boy
YaqootPrecious Stone. Boy
YaqubA Prophets Name (jacob) Boy
YarFriend. Boy
Yasar, YasserWealth, Comfort, Ease Boy
YaseenYasin, Alif Laam Meem, Ha Meem Ain Seen Kaaf Are All Huroof-e-muqataat. Only Allah Or His Prophet Know The Meaning Of These Haroof, But All These Huroof Are The Most Precious Words For A Muslim. Boy
Yasin, YaseenThe Two Opening Letters Of Surah 36 In The Quran; One Of The Prophets Names Boy
YasirWealthy Boy
YathribFormer Name Of The City Of Madinnah. Boy
YawarHelping. Boy
YazanOd Arabic Name Boy
Yazid, YazeedGod Will Increase, Enhance Boy
Youssef, Yusef, YusufTo Increase (in Power And Influence); A Prophets Name (joseph) Boy
YuhannisThe Name Of A Freed Salve Of Zubair. Boy
YunusA Prophet's Name. Boy
Yunus, YoonusA Prophets Name (jonah) Boy
YushuaGod Saves Boy
YusrEase, Convenience. Boy
YusriWell To Do, Wealthy Boy
YusufA Prophets Name (joseph) Boy

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