Baby Girl Muslim Names – B

We have 75 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - B category.

Name Meaning Gender
BadiaUnprecedented, Admirable, Unique Girl
Badiah, BadiaUnprecedented, Amazing, Admirable, Unique Girl
BadiyahDesert. Girl
BadraFull Moon Girl
BadriyahResembling The Full Moon. Girl
Badriyah, Badriyyah, BadriyaResembling The Full Moon Girl
BahaValue, Worth. Girl
BaharSpring, Prime (of Life), Bloom (of Youth). Girl
BahiaNice Girl
BahijahMagnificent, Splendid Girl
BahiraDazzling, Brilliant. Girl
Bahirah, Bahira, BaheeraDazzling, Brilliant, Noble Lady Girl
BahiyaBeautiful, Radiant Girl
Bahiyah, Bahiya, BahiyaaBeautiful, Radiant Girl
BahiyyahRadiant, Beautiful. Girl
Bahriyah Al-aabidahShe Was A Devoted Worshipper And Ascetic Of Basrah. She Used To Say, If The Heart Gives Up The Passions (evil Desires), It Will Then Demosticate Knowledge. (a.n). Girl
BakhtLot, Fate, Portion. Girl
BakhtawarFortunate, Lucky. Girl
BalqeesShe Was The Daughter Of Ahmad Bin Mishqar, And A Distinguished Woman Of Her Times; She Was The Wife Of Sayfud-din Al- Hanafi. (a.n). Girl
BalqisName Of The Queen Of Sheba Girl
BalsamBalsam, Balm Girl
BanA Kind Of Tree Girl
BanafshaDaughter Of Abdullah Al-rumiyah; Was A Very Pious And Generous Woman Who Gave Much In Charity (a.n). Girl
BananDelicate, Finger Tips Girl
BanujahThe Daughter Of Al-mahdi. Girl
BaraahInnocence Girl
Barakah, BarakaBlessing; White One Girl
BareerahPious; The Female Freed Slave Of Sayyidina Ayshah (r.a) A Well-known Female Companion, She Lived Upto The Times Of Khalifah Yazid Bin Muawiyah (r.a). Girl
BariahExcelling Girl
Bariah, BaraaaExcelling Girl
BarikaBloom, Be Successful Girl
BarirahFaithful And Devoted Girl
BarrahShe Was The Wunt Of The Prophet (s.a.w), Daughter Of Abdul Muttalib And Mother Of Abi Salamah (r.a) Also The Name Of The Daughter Of Abi Tijarah Al-abdariyah Who Narrated From The Prophet (s.a.w) (a.n). Girl
BarzahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
BasaariaBeautiful, Prior Girl

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