Baby Girl Muslim Names – D

We have 37 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - D category.

Name Meaning Gender
DaaniaBeautiful. Girl
DadOld Arabic Name Girl
DafiyahNarrator Of Hadith. Girl
DahabGold Girl
DahmaShe Was A Scholar Of Religion And Had Learnt From Her Brother Al-imam Al-mahdi; She Excelled In Grammer And Literature And Possessed Knowledge Of Other Sciences And Arts. (a.n.). Girl
DalalTreated Or Touched In A Kind And Loving Way Girl
DaleelaGuide, Proof. Girl
DaliyaDahlia. Girl
DaliyahGrape Vine Girl
DaneenPrincess. Girl
DaniyahCloser, Nearer Girl
DarakhshaanShinning. Girl
DariaLearned, Knowing. Girl
Dawlat KhatoonShe Was From A Ruling Family. Girl
DeebaObedience. Girl
DeemaRainy Cloud. Girl
DemaThe Rainy Cloud. Girl
DhakirahOne Who Remembers God Frequently Girl
DhakiyahBright, Intelligent Girl
DhukaName Of The Sun Girl
Dilshad KhatoonShe Lived Between 730-750. Girl
DimahCloud Which Carries Rainwater Girl
DinaLove. Girl
DiqrahA Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
DiyanahReligion. Girl
DoaaPray, A Voice Of Heart, Request To All-mighty Allah, A Source Of Connection With God And Human. Girl
DuaPrayer Girl
DuaaPrayer. Girl
Duha, DhuhaForenoon Girl
DujanahRain. Girl
DuniaThe World. Girl
DunyaWorld Girl
DunyanaOur World Girl
DurarPearls Girl
DurdanahPearl. Girl

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