Baby Girl Muslim Names – F

We have 114 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - F category.

Name Meaning Gender
FadeelahSuperiority. Girl
FadilaGood Looking, Attractive. Girl
FadilahDistinguished, Learned. Girl
Fadilah, FadheelaVirtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured And Refined Girl
FadiyahRedeemer, Self Sacrificing Girl
FadwaName Derived From Self Sacrifice Girl
FadwahName Derived From Self-sacrifice. Girl
FaeezahLeader Girl
Fahdah, FahadaLeopardess Girl
FaheemahIntelligent. Girl
FahimaIntelligent Girl
FahimahIntelligent Girl
FahmidaIntelligent And Wise. Girl
FaiqaSuperior, Outstanding Girl
FaiqahSurpassing, Excellent Girl
FairuzahA Precious Gem Girl
FaizaGain. Girl
FaizahSuccessful. Girl
Faizah, FaizaVictorious, Winner Girl
FajrDawn, Morning Prayer Girl
FakeehahCheerful. Girl
FakhirahSplendid, Elegant. Girl
FakhraGood, New. Girl
FakhriyahHonorary Girl
FakhtahA Dove. Girl
FakihahFruit. Girl
FalakStar Girl
FalaknazSky. Girl
FalaqBreak Of Dawn. Girl
FalishaHappiness. Girl
FananTree Branch Or Twig Girl
FaqirahName Of A Beautiful Woman (wife Of Murrah Al-asadi). Girl
FaraSunset. Girl
FarahJoy, Cheerfulness Girl
FarazaSuccess, Height. Girl


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