Baby Girl Muslim Names – G

We have 27 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - G category.

Name Meaning Gender
GazalaIntelligent, Charming Girl
GhadahBeautiful. Girl
Ghadah, GhaadaBeautiful Girl
GhadirStream Girl
GhalibahDominant. Girl
GhaliyahFragrant, Beloved, Valuable. Girl
Ghaliyah, GhaaliyaDear, Beloved, Fragrant, Expensive Girl
GhaneemahSpoils, Booty. Girl
GhaniaBeautiful Girl
GhaniyahPretty Girl, Beautiful Woman, Beauty Girl
GharamLove Girl
GhareebahStrange, Foreign. Girl
GhaydaYoung And Delicate. Girl
Ghayda, GhaydaaYoung And Delicate Girl
GhazalFlirt, Words Of Love Girl
GhazalahFemale Gazelle Girl
GhaziyahFemale Warrior. Girl
GhitbahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
GhizlanFrom Gazzalle. Girl
GhufayrahThis Was The Name Of A Very Pious Woman Who Kept Vigil In The Night. Girl
GhufranForgiveness, Pardon Girl
GhumaysaHer Kuniyah Was Umm Sulaym; She Was A Front-rank Companion (r.a) And Narrated Ahadith; She Died In The Times Of Sayyidina Uthman (r.a). Girl
Ghunwah Or GhunyahIndispensible Girl
GhusoonBranches Of A Tree Girl
Ghusun, GhusoonBranches Of A Tree Girl
GhuzayyahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
Gul-e-ranaSweet-smelling Rose. Girl

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