Baby Girl Muslim Names – H

We have 117 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - H category.

Name Meaning Gender
HaajarHard As A Rock. Girl
HababahA Daughter Of Ajlan; She Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
HabibaBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling Girl
Habibah, HabeebaBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling; A Wife Of The Prophet Girl
HaboosName Of A Kind And Benevolent Noble Lady Who Lived In Lebanon. Girl
HadeelTo Coo (like A Dove) Girl
HadeeqaGorgeus. Girl
HadeeqahGarden. Girl
HadilIs The Voice Of A Dove. Girl
HadiyahGuide To Righteousness. Girl
Hadiyah, HaadiyaGuide To Righteousness, Calm Girl
HadiyyahGift Girl
HafaGentle Rain Girl
HafizahHeedful, Mindful Girl
HafsahA Wife Of The Prophet (s.a.w). Girl
Hafsah, HafsaWife Of The Prophet Girl
HafthahPreserved, Protected Girl
Haifa, HayfaSlender, Of Beautiful Body Girl
HajarName Of The Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim Girl
HajjahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
HajnaDaughter Of Nusayb, She Was A Poetess. Girl
HajrahThe Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s). Girl
HakimahWise, Judicious. Girl
HalaSweetness Girl
Halah, HaalaAureole Girl
HalimaFoster Mother Of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Girl
Halimah, HaleemaGentle, Patient, Mild Tempered; Name Of The Prophets Nursing Mother Girl
HamamahThis Was The Name Of A Female Slave Who Suffered Much Punishment For The Sake Of Allah But Sayyidina Abu Bakr (r.a) Bought Her And Emancipated Her. Girl
HamdiyahOne Who Praises A Lot Girl
HameedaPraiseworthy Girl
HamidahPraising Allah, Appreciative. Girl
HamnahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
HamraRed. Girl
HanaHappiness, Bliss Girl
HananMercy; Affectionate, Loving, Tender Girl

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