Baby Girl Muslim Names – J

We have 62 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - J category.

Name Meaning Gender
JabeenForehead. Girl
JabirahComforter, Consoler Girl
JabrayahLove, Respect. Girl
JadaGift, Present Girl
JadwaGift, Present Girl
JahaanLand. Girl
Jahan AaraAdornment Of The World. Girl
Jahan KhatoonShe Was A Persian Poet. Girl
JahanaraTo Flower, To Live. Girl
JahdamahShe Was A Female Companion Of The Prophet (s.a.w). Girl
JahidaHelps The Vulnarable. Girl
JahmyyllahBeautiful One Girl
JaiyanaStrength. Girl
Jala, JalaClarity, Elucidation Girl
JalilahSplendid, Lofty Girl
JameelahBeautiful. Girl
JamilaBeautiful, Graceful, Lovely Girl
JamilahBeautiful, Graceful. Girl
Jamilah, JameelaBeautiful, Graceful, Lovely Girl
JammanaPearl. Girl
JanaHarvest Girl
JananHeart, Soul. Girl
Janan, JanaanHeart, Soul Girl
JannahGarden, Paradise Girl
JaseenaNice Heart. Girl
JasminFlower. Girl
JasminaFlower. Girl
JasrahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
JavaireaMysterious. Girl
JawaPassion, Love Girl
JawahirJewels Girl
JawharahJewel Girl
JawlTo Move Freely Girl
JawnaThe Sun Girl
JazaReward, Compensation. Girl

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