Baby Girl Muslim Names – K

We have 69 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - K category.

Name Meaning Gender
KabirahElder, Big. Girl
KadshahShe Was A Companion. Girl
KaheeshaThis Was The Name Of A Poetess, Daughter Of Al-waqa. Girl
KaleemahSpeaker. Girl
KalilaSweetheart, Beloved Girl
KalthamName Of Al-qarshiyah Who Transmitted Hadith From Sayyidah Ayshah. Girl
KamaliyahPerfection. Girl
KamilahPerfect, Complete Girl
KaneezSlave. Girl
KanvalFlower. Girl
KanwalWater Lily. Girl
KanzTreasure. Girl
KanzaHidden Treasure Girl
KanzahTreasure. Girl
KaramGenerosity Girl
KarawanVariety Of Plover Birds Girl
KardawiyahA Pious Woman, Daughter Of Amr Al-basriyah Was So Named. Girl
KaridaUntouched Girl
KarimahGenerous, Noble. Girl
Karimah, KareemaGenerous, Noble Girl
KasGlass. Girl
KashifahRevealer Of Secrets. Girl
KashishAttraction. Girl
KathirahPlenty. Girl
KaukabStar. Girl
KausarRiver In Janna (paradise). Girl
KawakibSatellites Girl
KawkabSatellite Girl
KawtharRiver In Paradise Girl
KaysahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
KehkashanGalaxy. Girl
KhadeejaProphet's First Wife. Girl
KhadijahFirst Wife Of The Prophet (s.a.w). Girl
Khadijah, KhadeejaFirst Wife Of The Prophet Girl
KhalidahAbiding, Forever. Girl

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