Baby Girl Muslim Names – L

We have 49 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - L category.

Name Meaning Gender
LaaibahLaaibah Is The Prettiest Women In All The Jannats (heavens). She Will Be In Jannat Al Firdous. Girl
LabibahSensible, Intelligent Girl
LaibaAngel Of Heaven. Girl
LailaOf The Night. Girl
LamaDarkness Of Lips Girl
LamahBrilliancy Girl
LameesPure Silk. Girl
LamiahShine Girl
Lamis, LameesSoft To The Touch Girl
LamisahSoft To The Touch. Girl
LamyaOf Dark Lips. Girl
Lamya, LamyaOf Dark Lips Girl
LanaTo Be Gentle, Soft, Tender Girl
LanikaThe Best. Girl
LaraibWithout A Doubt. Girl
LashirahVery Intelligent. Girl
LatifaGentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly. Girl
LatifahGentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly. Girl
Latifah, LateefaGentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly Girl
LayaliNights Girl
LayanGentle And Soft Girl
LaylaBorn At Night, Dark Beauty. Girl
Layla, Leila(born At) Night; Rapture, Elation Girl
LayyahTwist, Flexure. Girl
LazimEssential, Imperative Girl
LeenaPlant Of Dates, Soft, Mild, Clemency. Girl
LeilaNight. Girl
LeilahNight Girl
LibaMost Beautiful (hoor In Jannah). Girl
LinaPalm Tree. Girl
Linah, Lina, LeenaTender Girl
LiyanaSoftness, Tenderness. Girl
Lu LuahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
LubabThe Best Part Girl
LubabahThe Innermost Essence. Girl

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