Baby Girl Muslim Names – M

We have 202 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - M category.

Name Meaning Gender
Ma As-samaA Noble Hearted, Generous Lady, Daughter Of Al-muzaffar, Had This Name; She Built A Religious School. Girl
MaabPlace To Which One Returns Girl
MaahnoorGlow Of Moon. Girl
MaaliNoble Things Girl
MadaUtmost Point, Degree Girl
MadaniyahCivilised, Cultured. Girl
MadeehaPraiseworty. Girl
MadhatPraise. Girl
MadihaPraiseworthy. Girl
MadihahPraiseworthy. Girl
Madihah, MadeehaPraiseworthy, Commendable Girl
MahaWild Cow; Has Beautiful Eyes Girl
MahabbahLove, Affection Girl
MahasinBeauties Girl
MahbasahA Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
MahbubahBeloved Girl
MahdiyaRightly Guided By Allah Girl
MahdiyahRightly Guided Girl
MahekFragrance. Girl
MahfuzahThe Protected One. Girl
MahibahNoble, Respected Girl
MahirahAdept, Expert. Girl
MahjabeenPowerful. Girl
MahneerahFirst Born Of A Pair. Girl
MahnoorLight Of The Moon. Girl
MahreenBright And Beautiful As The Sun. Girl
MahroshPiece Of Moon, Pleasant. Girl
MahumMoon's Light. Girl
MahveenLight Of The Sun. Girl
MahvishMoon-face. Girl
MahwishBeautiful Like The Moon. Girl
MaidaBeautiful. Girl
Maimoona, MaymunahAuspicious, Blessed; A Wife Of The Prophet Girl
MairaMoon. Girl
Maisah, MaisaWalking With A Proud, Swinging Gait Girl

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