Baby Girl Muslim Names – N

We have 201 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - N category.

Name Meaning Gender
NaazPride, Elegance Girl
NaazneenBeautiful. Girl
Naa'irahBright, Shining. Girl
NabaGreat News. Girl
NabeehaIntelligent. Girl
NabeelahNoble. Girl
NabihaEminent, Noble, Alert, Intelligent Girl
NabihahIntelligent, Noble, Eminent. Girl
Nabihah, NabeehaIntelligent Girl
NabijahAmbitious, Leader And Brave. Girl
NabilaHappiness, Generosity. Girl
NabilahNoble, Magnanimous. Girl
Nabilah, NabeelaNoble Girl
NadaGenerousity, Dew Girl
NadiaThe Beginning, First Girl
Nadidah, NadeedaEqual, Rival Girl
NadimahFriend. Girl
NadirahRare, Precious. Girl
Nadirah, NadiraRare, Precious Girl
NadiyahAnnouncement Girl
NadraRare, Unique. Girl
Nadwah, NadwaCouncil, Generosity Girl
NadyneFlower Girl
NaeemaEase, Blessing. Girl
NafeesaPrecious. Girl
NafiahProfitable. Girl
NafisahPrecious Gem. Girl
Nafisah, NafeesaPrecious Thing, Gem Girl
NaflahSurplus, Overabundance Girl
NageenahPrecious Stone. Girl
NagheenPearl. Girl
NaginaDiamond. Girl
NahalSmall Plant. Girl
NaheedHonorable. Girl
NahidOne With Full, Round Breasts Girl

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