Baby Girl Muslim Names – Q

We have 31 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - Q category.

Name Meaning Gender
QabalahResponsibility. Girl
QabilahConsenting. Girl
QaboolAccepted. Girl
QadrFate, Destiny Girl
QadriyahTo Believe In Gods Will Girl
QadriyyahStrong. Girl
QailahOne Who Speaks. Girl
QamarFull Moon Girl
QamayrShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
QameerWife Of Masrooq Bin Al-ajda Daughter Of Amr Al-kufiyah, She Was A Narrator Of Hadith Who Quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (r.a). Girl
QaniahContended. Girl
QaraahCloudlet. Girl
QarasafahlShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
QareebahNear. Girl
QasoomahShe Was A Poetess. Girl
QaylahTwo Women Companions Had This Name. Girl
QaymayriyahShe Was A Student Of Hadith. Girl
QaysarA Name Of Women. Girl
QindeelLight. Girl
QiratBeautiful Recitation Girl
QisafBrittle. Girl
QismahDestiny, Fate, Ordained By God Girl
QiyyamaStand For Allah. Girl
QuadriyyahStrong. Girl
QubilahConcord Girl
QuddusiyyahSacred, Pious. Girl
QudsiyahGlorious, Sacred Girl
QuraybahUtricle. Girl
Qurratul AynDelights Of The Eye, Darling. Girl
QutaylahShe Was A Companion. Girl
QutayyahShe Was A Student Of Hadith. Girl


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