Baby Girl Muslim Names – R

We have 137 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - R category.

Name Meaning Gender
RaameenObedient. Girl
RababWhite Cloud Girl
RabeeaSpringtime, Garden. Girl
RabiaSpring, Springtime. Girl
Rabiah, RabeeaGarden, Springtime Girl
RabitahBond, Tie. Girl
RabiyaPrincess, Queen Girl
RabiyahHill Girl
RadeyahContent, Satisfied. Girl
Radiyah, RadhiyaContent, Satisfied Girl
Radwa, RadhwaaA Mountain In Medina Girl
RaeesahPrincess; Noble Lady. Girl
Rafa, RafaHappiness, Prosperity Girl
RafahPleasant, Luxurious Life Girl
Rafah, RafatMercy Girl
RafalTo Trail A Garment Girl
RafeeqahFriend; Soft-hearted. Girl
RafiaHigh, Sublime. Girl
RafiahSublime, Exquisite Girl
RafidahSupport Girl
RafifTo Gleam, Shimmer Girl
RafiqahFriend, Companion. Girl
RaghadPleasant. Girl
Raghad Or RaghdaPleasant Girl
RaghibahDesiring, Desirous. Girl
RaghidahPleasant Girl
RahaPeaceful Girl
RahafDelicate, Fine Girl
RaheemahMerciful. Girl
RahilaOne Who Travels. Girl
RahilahOne Who Travels. Girl
RahimahMerciful, Compassionate Girl
RahiqNectar Girl
RahmaMercy. Girl
RahmaaTo Have Mercy Upon. Girl

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