Baby Girl Muslim Names – S

We have 303 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - S category.

Name Meaning Gender
SabaSheba, A Town In Yemen Girl
SabaaA Nice Wind Girl
SabahMorning Girl
SabburahVery Patient, Enduring. Girl
SabeenCool Breeze Of The Morning. Girl
SabeeyahBaby Girl. Girl
SabihaBeautiful. Girl
SabihahBeautiful Girl
SabinaFlower. Girl
SabiqahPast. Girl
SabirahPatient, Perseverant. Girl
Sabirah, SaabiraPatient Girl
SabrPatience, Self Control Girl
SabrinaWhite Rose. Girl
SabriyahPatient Girl
SabuhiMorning Star Girl
SadafShell, Oyster, Pearl. Girl
SadahHappiness Girl
SadiahGood Luck. Girl
SadiqahTruthful, Sincere. Girl
SadiyahFortunate Girl
SadoofName Of A Poetess. Girl
SaeedahFortunate, Auspicious. Girl
SafaPure Girl
SafaaClarity, Purity, Serenity; Name Of A Hill In Makkah Girl
SafeerahMessenger; Ambassador. Girl
SaffanahPearl Girl
SafiaPure. Girl
SafiyyaBest Friend. Girl
Safiyyah, SafiyaUntroubled, Serene, Pure, Best Friend; Wife Of The Prophet Girl
SafoorahWife Of Prophet Musa (a.s). Girl
SafunBreezing Girl
SafwahAn Arab Feminine Name. Girl
SafwanaA Shining Star, Rock. Girl
SagedaSageda Is ... Girl

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