Baby Girl Muslim Names – T

We have 65 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - T category.

Name Meaning Gender
TabalahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
TabassumSmiling Girl
TabindaBright, Shining. Girl
TafidaParadise (egyptian Name). Girl
TaghridSinging (as A Bird) Girl
TahaniCongratulations Girl
TaheraPure, Chaste. Girl
TahiraHoly, Pure. Girl
TahirahPure, Chaste. Girl
Tahirah, TaahiraPure, Chaste Girl
TahiyahGreeting Girl
TahiyatGreetings Girl
TahseenahAcclaim. Girl
TaibahRepentant. Girl
Taima, TaymaOasis In Northwest Arabia Girl
TakiyahPious, Righteous Girl
Talah, TaalahYoung Palm Tree Girl
TalibahSeeker After Knowledge Girl
TamadurBrilliant Girl
TamaraDate Tree. Girl
TameemahName Of A Poetess. Girl
TanishaHappiness. Girl
TanweerRadiant, Illuminating. Girl
TanzeelaRevelation, Receiving Hospitably. Girl
TaqiyahHeedful Of God Girl
Taqwa, TaqwaaPiety, Devoutness, Heedfulness Of God Girl
TaraStar. Girl
TariqahThis Was The Name Of The Freed Slave Of Labeet Of The Family Of The Princes Of Al-qays Bin Zayd (an). Girl
TarubMerry Girl
TasheenEver Ambitious. Girl
TasneemFountain Of Paridise. Girl
TasnimFountain In Paradise Girl
TawbahRepentence Girl
TaybahPure. Girl
TayyibahGood, Pleasant, Agreeable. Girl

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