Baby Girl Muslim Names – W

We have 49 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - W category.

Name Meaning Gender
WaajidahOne Who Acheives Her Goals In Life, Loved, Beloved. Girl
WabisaSomething Bright. Girl
WadPromise Girl
Wadha, WadhaaBright Girl
WadiahCalm, Peaceable Girl
Wafa, WafaaFaithfulness Girl
WafeeqahSuccessful. Girl
WafiqahSuccessful. Girl
Wafiqah, WafeeqaSuccessful Girl
WafiyahLoyal, Faithful Girl
WafizaFresh Air. Girl
WagmaMorning Breeze, Dew. Girl
WahabahThis Was The Name Of A Poetess. Girl
WahbiyahGiving Girl
WahibahGiver, Donor Girl
WahidahExclusive, Unique Girl
WahujFirst Light Of Day, Dawn, New Beginning. Girl
WajdPassion, Strong Emotion Girl
WajihahEminent, Distinguished, Notable Girl
WakeelahAgent. Girl
Wala, WalaaLoyalty Girl
WalidahNewborn Girl
WalihahThis Was The Name Of A Poetess. Girl
WaliyahPrincess. Girl
WalladahFrequently Producing, Prolific Girl
WardaGuardian, Protector. Girl
WardahRose. Girl
Wardah, WordahRose Girl
WareeshaHappiness. Girl
Warqa, WarqaaPigeon Girl
WarsanTrue News, Wonderful News. Girl
WaseefahFemale Servant; Mid-in-waiting. Girl
WaseemahComely. Girl
WasfiyahDepictive Girl
WasifahOne Who Describes. Girl

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