Baby Girl Muslim Names – Z

We have 94 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - Z category.

Name Meaning Gender
ZaahirahGuest. Girl
ZaaraBeautiful Flower. Girl
ZaeemahLeader Girl
ZafeerahFirm. Girl
ZafirahVictorious. Girl
Zafirah, ZaafirahVictorious, Successful Girl
ZahabiyaGold. Girl
ZaharaFlower, Beauty, Star. Girl
ZaheenIntelligent. Girl
ZaheerahHelper, Assistant. Girl
ZahidahAscetic, Abstentious Girl
ZahirahShining, Luminous Girl
ZahraBeautiful. Girl
Zahra, ZahraaWhite Girl
ZahraaLady Of Jannah. Girl
ZahrahFlower, Beauty, Star Girl
ZahwahBeauty, Pretty Girl
ZaibBeauty Girl
ZaidGrowth, Increase. Girl
ZaidaShe Was A Very Devoted Worshipper About Whose Worship The Prophet (s.a.w) Also Learnt; She Was The Freed Slave Of Sayyidina Umar Bin Al-khattab. Girl
Zain, ZaynBeauty Girl
ZainaBeautiful Girl
ZainabProphets Wife. Girl
Zainab, ZaynabAn Ornamented Tree; Name Of The Daughter Of The Prophet Girl
ZairahVisitor. Girl
ZakirahOne Who Remembers Allah Regularly. Girl
ZakiyahPure Girl
ZalfaThis Was The Name Of A Distinguished Woman Of Her Times, She Was Hajib Known As Umm Al-hajib Abdul Malik. Girl
ZameelahCompanion. Girl
ZameenaIntelligent, Intellectual. Girl
ZamrudShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
ZanubiyaName Of A Great Syrian Queen Girl
ZaraBright As The Dawn. Girl
ZareenaGold Girl
ZareenahA Companion Of Prophet (s.a.w). Girl


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