Baby Boy Muslim Names – B

We have 48 names in Baby Boy Muslim Names - B category.

Name Meaning Gender
BaahirDazzling, Brilliant Boy
BaasimSmiling Boy
BabarOrigin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual Meaning: King Of Jungle; Lion Hearted, Brave, Courageous And Exemplary Leadership Qualities. Highly, Powerful And Influential, Very Charsimatic And Bold With Splendor And Positive Radiance. Boy
BaberCourageous, Lion. Boy
BadiMarvelous Boy
Badi Al ZamanThe Marvel Of Time Boy
BadrFull Moon Boy
Badr Al DinFull Moon Of The Faith Boy
BadriOne Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr Boy
Baha Al Din, Bahiyy Al DinMagnificence Of The Faith Boy