Baby Girl Muslim Names – Z

We have 94 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - Z category.

Name Meaning Gender
ZaahirahGuest. Girl
ZaaraBeautiful Flower. Girl
ZaeemahLeader Girl
ZafeerahFirm. Girl
ZafirahVictorious. Girl
Zafirah, ZaafirahVictorious, Successful Girl
ZahabiyaGold. Girl
ZaharaFlower, Beauty, Star. Girl
ZaheenIntelligent. Girl
ZaheerahHelper, Assistant. Girl

Baby Girl Muslim Names – Y

We have 24 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - Y category.

Name Meaning Gender
YafiahHigh Girl
YakootahEmerald Girl
YalqootAn Early Woman Who Gave Much In Charity. Girl
YamamahValley In Arabia. Girl
YamhaDove Girl
YaminahRight And Proper; Blessed Girl
YaraLittle Butterfly. Girl
YarahWarm Girl
YasirahLenient Girl
YasmeenahSweet-smelling Flower. Among Er Work Is A Commentry On Surah Al-baqarah, She Is Mentioned By Salahuddin Al-safdi In His Book As One Of The Distinguished People Of Egypt. Girl

Baby Girl Muslim Names – W

We have 49 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - W category.

Name Meaning Gender
WaajidahOne Who Acheives Her Goals In Life, Loved, Beloved. Girl
WabisaSomething Bright. Girl
WadPromise Girl
Wadha, WadhaaBright Girl
WadiahCalm, Peaceable Girl
Wafa, WafaaFaithfulness Girl
WafeeqahSuccessful. Girl
WafiqahSuccessful. Girl
Wafiqah, WafeeqaSuccessful Girl
WafiyahLoyal, Faithful Girl

Baby Girl Muslim Names – U

We have 24 names in Baby Girl Muslim Names - U category.

Name Meaning Gender
Ubab, UbaabWaves, Heavy Rain Girl
UbahFlower. Girl
UdaysahShe Was A Narrator Of Hadith. Girl
UhudCommitment, Pledge, Delegation Girl
UjalaLight Of The Universe. Girl
UlaUppermost, Highest Girl
UlfahHarmony, Intimacy Girl
UmaizaBright, Beautiful And Soft Hearted. Girl
UmamahYoung Mother; Name Of The Prophets Granddaughter Girl
UmaymahYoung Mother Girl

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