Islamic Baby Girl Names with Meaning (Latest Update)

Salam all,

It’s been a while since I updated Muslim Names database. I’d added several more Islamic Baby Girl Names for you to choose from. 😀

islamic baby girl namesKaisara – Queen
Karmila – Sweet
Khairina – Charity
Khaizuronah – Khalif Harun Al Rasyid mother’s name
Khalishah – Holy
Kiranah – come back
Luqyana – our meeting
Luthfiyah – gentle

These Islamic Baby Girl Names begin with the letter K and L. I hope maybe one of these new muslim names will be your baby’s name..

There are many more Islamic Baby Girl Names and also Islamic Baby Boy Names in my Muslim Names blog. You can search Muslim Names or browse all names in Muslim Names database by clicking on the Alphabetical menu above. 😀

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