5 Tips in Finding the Right Muslim Names for Your Baby

Muslim Names - 5 tips in finding muslim names for your babyI know from my own experiences, finding a good muslim names with good meaning for our baby is not such an easy tasks. There are thousands of Muslim Names to choose from, so here are 5 ways to help you to find a right Muslim Names for your baby boy or baby girl.

  • While you’re browsing the Muslim Names directories, every time you found a Muslim Names you like; which sounds good to you, have good meaning and it feels somewhat right for your baby, just jot it down somewhere, along with it’s meaning. Then after that, let say your managed to list a number of 10 great Muslim Names for your baby, the next step is to recite each one of it out loud and decide if you like how it sounds, because you’re going to be calling your child that name all his or her life. To further narrow down your list, try looking at the meaning of the names. Some people say that a name reflect the person who wore it. If you still have quite a number of names maybe it helps if you list it in order you most liked to least liked. Insyallah, you will find one interesting Muslim Names suited for your baby.
  • Why don’t you try naming your children with the names from the previous generation of your family. Such as, you have a grandfather named Hanifah which means upright, then you can use that name to name your baby boy. It’ll cut your time finding the right Muslim Names for your child and also it can be more meaningful since that name is being passed down from your family.
  • You can also try using one of the 99 names of Allah. But to use these names you have to put ‘Abdul’ in front of it which means slave or servant. For example Abdul Rahim which mean ‘Servant of most Merciful’ or Abdul Hakim means ‘Servant of the Wise’. You can refer to the 99 names of Allah at my post here.
  • Besides that you can also choose a name for your baby boy from the names of the 25 prophets that were mentioned in the Al-Quran. Check the full list of our 25 prophets at my post titled ‘Names of Prophets for your Baby Boy‘.
  • For baby girl your can refer to ‘Names of Rasulallah’s Wives (Muslim Names recommended for Baby Girl)‘. I listed their names and a short summary of their life.

I hope with this 5 tips you can find the right Muslim Names for your baby.
Below is several Muslim Baby Names and it’s meanings for you to consider as your baby boy or baby girl’s names.

Muslim Girl Names:

Iman – Faith, Belief
Lana – To Be Gentle, Soft, Tender
Adeena – Pious, Good Luck
Alya – Loftiness
Daania – Beautiful.

Muslim Boy Names:

Alif – Compassionate. Affectionate
Adil – Just, Honest.
Arif – Aquainted, Knowledgable
Ayman – Lucky; On The Right

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Names of Rasulallah’s Wives (Muslim Names recommended for Baby Girl)

Muslim Names GirlNames of Rasulallah’s wives can be a good choice of Muslim Names for Baby Girls. We Muslims know that all his wives had good personalities and noble attitudes. Aside from having a good meaning, you can use their names for your baby girl and hope that she will grow up and have the same good qualities as Rasulallah’s wives. 😀

Below I listed all their names and a little description of their lives :


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99 Names of Allah

Muslim Names : 99 Allah NamesAs all of you have known, there are 99 names of Allah. These names have great meanings and recommended to be use as Muslim baby names as long as ‘Abdul‘ which means ‘Servant’ is added in front of the names. It is forbidden to use the names without it. For example you can named your son as Abdul Malik or Abdul Hadi.